Why and How to Listen to Your Customers

Your customers have high expectations and are very skeptical of the companies they choose to do business with. With just one missed expectations, customers would not hesitate to change providers for what they perceive to be a better opportunity. Stats show 82 percent of customers are willing to switch products or service providers after just one bad experience with a company’s customer service department.

To avoid losing your customers, it is important to pay close consideration to the demands of your customers and analyze their feedback so that you correct your mistakes. Listening to your customers is not just about hearing about their problems. It is not just about picking a phone and answering. To actively listen to your customers, you will need to connect with them and understand how you can help them achieve their goals

Here are some of the reasons you need to connect to your customers

Reduce churn rate

When it comes to churning rate, poor customer service is the second biggest contributing factor as to why customers switch providers. When customers don’t feel the value during a service interaction, they will be quick to look for your competitors to provide them with the value they are missing from you. Consumers will even be happy to pay for more to another provider if they are guaranteed value.

Improve customer loyalty

No matter how great your product or service is, you will never be completely safe from the churn. A single poor interaction with a customer may contribute to churn. This shows the importance of customer service. Your team needs to deliver an A-game to ensure customers remain happy and loyal to your brand. Listen to your customer feedback and handle all their expectations.

Increase customer retention

When your representatives listen to your customers, service interactions will without a doubt be smoother. Your representatives and customers should always be on the same page. You need to ensure there is no friction between you and your customers, as lack of friction will contribute to more customer retention. 90 percent of customers will remain loyal to your offerings if you can always deliver value to them.

Identify opportunities for upselling and cross-sell

Listening to your customers is not only a way to improve on customer satisfaction, but will also be a tool you can use to upsell and cross-sell to your customers. You might find yourself in a situation where you are troubleshooting an issue for a customer. When a customer explains their problem, they might highlight their frustration and the limitations they are encountering. You then get a chance to explain the benefits of a premium plan and how it could solve their problems.

When you actively listen to your customers, you will also create delightful customer interactions. You get a chance to make conversations to be personal. It is these simple delightful interactions that create lasting memories and solutions in the minds of your customers. Try as much as possible to humanize and create lasting moments with your customers.

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